Re-Elect Ernie Stuart for Mayor

"Keep Needville Moving Forward!"

Election season is quickly approaching.

Be sure to Re Elect Ernie Stuart for Mayor!

VOTE #1 on MAY 4, 2019

Early Voting April 22-30

Needville Youth Parade

Thank you to everyone who came out to the Needville Youth Parade!

Remember to get out and vote!

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Early Voting

Early voting has officially started! Be sure to use YOUR RIGHT to vote and visit the polls today! VOTE #1 for Mayor Ernie Stuart!

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Injunction AND Lawsuit against City of Needville

Richard Sinclair (whom is the same Rick Sinclair that is running for City Council) has stated, "I only have an injunction on the City of Needville not a lawsuit!"

He indeed has an injunction ALONG with a lawsuit amounting to $100,000.

The City of Needville has already spent $24,000 of TAXPAYER m...

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2019 Needville Town Hall Meeting

On Tuesday April 16th, Needville held its first ever Town Hall meeting. This was an informal gathering of friends, including the council members and department heads, to update the citizens about a few of the city accomplishments, current projects and future goals for the City of Needville and surro...

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Little Jays Annual Hat Parade

Every Easter the Little Jays Learning Center puts on a hat parade. This morning I had the honor to help stop traffic so family and friends could cheer the children on.

I would like to wish all of you a very blessed and Happy Easter.

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Smart Water Meters

Several yeras ago the City Council voted to replace all of the water meters with smart meters. The old water meters had to be read individually, which took the water and sewer employees one week to do. Now, with the smart meters, one employee drives down the street and the data from each meter is lo...

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Campaign Flyer

Feel free to share!

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Town Hall Meeting

First Annual Town Hall Meeting to be held on April 16, 2019 at 7p.m. at the SPJST HALL in Needville, Texas.

All are invited to come and listen/ask questions to the current Mayor and City Councilmen. Hope to see you there! Do not spend time and energy dwelling on the past or what went wrong. Ins...

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Needville Water Tower

"Two years later, not enough money was raised and council voted it was time to go." (Robert Anrnold, December 20, 2018).

In 2016 volunteers formed the group that became "Save the Needville Water Tower." Speculated costs to renovate the tower were estimated around $350,000.00 and did not include a...

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Gene Street Flooding

In the spring of 2017, during a heavy period of rain, several houses in the 900 block of Gene Street developed a flooding issue. One home in particular was affected with water entering the house. I immediately instructed the city to clean out the culverts and ditches in front of the affected home...

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It has been brought to my attention that a FAKE Facebook profile has been created on my behalf. Please note I do NOT own this page nor support any of the actions being created on the fake pages behalf. My only social media handle is THIS website.

Thank you! Mayor Ernie Stuart

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Lady Jays Volleyball “Key to the City”

The City of Needville commissioned local artisan Kevin Shores to create a commemorative key. In recognition of the Lady Jays’ 4 A 2017 Volleyball State Championship win, I presented the “key to the city” to Coach Schultz, Superintendent Curtis Rhodes and the team for their outstanding performance.

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ABC NEWS-Landfill

I am in full support of finding a solution to this landfill issue.

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Needville Police Department

I was elected to Needville City Council five years ago. City Council started working on the city budget a few months into my term. I was absolutely astounded at the level of salaries for the city employees, especially our devoted Police Officers. Police Officers had a starting salary of just $26,000...

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Property Investment

Several months into my term as Mayor, I observed that Ladd's Meat Market, at the corner of Kostelnick and School Road, was for sale. I made a proposal to City Council to purchase the property. This property could be a great investment for the city to sell at a later date to a potential new business...

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Online Water Bill Payments

The city is "moving forward" by advancing the way citizens can pay their utility bill. The water bills will soon be a credit card payment away, by utilizing the online payment system. We have been working on this new launch for several months, however in the very near future this "idea" will become...

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CenterPoint Sub Station

Last year (2018) CenterPoint Energy contacted me about building a Power Plant. CenterPoint wanted to construct their project on a piece of property that they were going to purchase at the corner of school street and Richmond. This project would have been behind the houses of many of our citizens inc...

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Needville CWPP

Needville Volunteer Fire Department and Fairchild Volunteer Fire Department collaborated with Texas A&M Forest Service to develop a Community Wildfire Protection Plan (CWPP) for their response areas. Three years ago, the county and the city councils passed resolutions to endorse the research and gai...

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Glades of Needville

In December 2016, Tim Torno of Torno Properties and Teresa Shell of BETCO Housing Lab, approached the Needville City Council to receive authorization for their low income housing development "The Glades of Needville." When residents of Needville leared of the proposed development, they put together...

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Mayor and City Council Dinner

One of the cities in Fort Bend County holds a Mayor-City Council Dinner each month. The City of Needville hosted this dinner in April (2019). The dinner was held at Creekside Church (local) with approximately 40 people in attendence. The guest speaker was Retired U.S. Marine Colonel Alan Orr of Orr...

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