Glades of Needville

In December 2016, Tim Torno of Torno Properties and Teresa Shell of BETCO Housing Lab, approached the Needville City Council to receive authorization for their low income housing development "The Glades of Needville." When residents of Needville leared of the proposed development, they put together a petition to reject the proposal. Over 60 residents attended the December 14, 2016 council meeting where the petition and its (228 citizen signatures) were presented. During the three minute citizens' opportunity to address council, many spoke adamantly and emotionally citing location, lack of jobs, lack of transportation and building drainage load (risk), as arguments against the propsed income-based complex. These arguments went on for 45 minutes until council ended the session. Keeping in mind that the council should be a voice for its citizens, Alderman Ernie Stuart seconded the motion by Alderman Geroge Krejci to NOT approve the resolution authorizing the development of "The Glades of Needville" apartment complex. The motion passed with all voting "aye" except Alderman Andrew Bohac voting "no."