Needville Water Tower

"Two years later, not enough money was raised and council voted it was time to go." (Robert Anrnold, December 20, 2018).

In 2016 volunteers formed the group that became "Save the Needville Water Tower." Speculated costs to renovate the tower were estimated around $350,000.00 and did not include a yearly maintenance of $7,500.00. To show support for the project the Needville Water Tower group would have fundraisers and write grants in order to pay for the preservation work.

(June 2017) Former Needville Alderman Rick (Richard) Sinclair was appointed to City Council then ran for election to retain his alderman seat. For his election platform he spearheaded efforts to save the Needville water tower. During the "Meet the Candidates" forum, Mr. Sinclair stated the water tower renovation would be completed by Christmas 2018. When the citizens of Needville chose not to elect Mr. Sinclair as alderman in (May 2018), the city asked if he would continue his efforts to restore the water tower as a consultant. Mr. Sinclair requested $5,000.00 per month (tax payer money) to resume restoration efforts. This seven month period (May-December) $35,000.00 amount would be more than the total raised in the previous two years by the non-profit Save the Needville Water Tower Group.